Doula Mentoring

Mentoring is where the work gets done.

Q: What is doula mentoring?

This is where you get personalized advice on how to run your doula business, focusing on the areas you need the most help.

Q: What is mentoring like?

This can be individual or group mentoring. There are conversations and lessons as well as outside work for you to implement what you've learned, all while having someone to help guide you.

Q: Will a mentor do the work for me?

Nope. You've got to do the work, but I'm here to hold your hand and, well, doula you through the process.

Q: What types of things do people use this service for?

Some people need some guidance over setting up their doula business or walking through certification or helping them get back into doula work after being gone for awhile. Other doulas are just looking to smooth out the rough edges of their processes with clients to make their business more seamless.

Q: How long is doula mentoring?

Some people have a one-off phone call, while others join a group for a few months. It will be tailored to your needs.

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